Are Industrial Use Hay Spears More Sustainable?

July 4, 2019 By admin

double bale hay spear

The debate is now out on this. The jury is out. This could be you if your agricultural business has, in the last few years, grown in leaps and bounds. One year, you were just a smallholding concern. And then the next year, you were buying up land. You needed this because your agricultural concern was growing. You needed more space. Where else and how else were you going to plant your crops? And do you not miss those days?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but more than likely you would. Because if you are a farmer, you are more than likely natural born. It could be in your blood. It could have been passed on from generation to generation. Or perhaps you had this passion all along? No, you probably do not miss getting up while it is still dark to tend to your cattle feed. Why? Because no matter how much your business has grown, you are still doing it.

Some may argue that since the business has grown, so too has the staff complement. That may well be. And you have more than enough managers to hand too. But no, because you have this passion, you will be there too. Although it may be the case that you may not be getting your hands as dirty as you did before. Because now you have got this. You and your hands are now using a double bale hay spear.

But with a passion for the land, you might also have concerns. You have concerns about what impact your highly intense farming could be having on the environment. Is it going to be sustainable? It might. Given the tools you now have at your disposal, it just might.